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Proactiv Acne Care Review

Proactiv is one of the worlds best known acne care systems, made by Guthy-Renker in the USA.

Proactiv was created to treat mild to moderate cases of acne, along with most other41-NpRdzuiL antibacterials used for treating acne it uses Benzoyl peroxide as its main active ingredient. This is suitable for the majority of users but for some the use of Benzoyl can bring on adverse reactions such as redness, itching, swellings, hives and a burning feeling after application.

For people who are sensitive to benzoyl peroxide, Proactiv offer their Gentle Formula Kit which utilizes salicylic acid in place of benzoyl peroxide. They say that this is less likely to cause any skin problems or reactions.

Guthy Renker make heavy use of celebrity spokespeople in their advertisement campaigns, these have included Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys, Delta Goodrum, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Aniston.

ProactivMore recently the faces of Proactiv include Justin Bieber and Katy Perry

Proactiv offer a range of products and care systems.

Apart from buying the individual products, they market 3, 4 and 5 stage complete systems that start from around £39.99 ($63)

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Does Proactiv Work

Proactiv products certainly have a good name and reputation, the inclusion of Benzoyl peroxide will put some users off.

Proactiv can be purchased on line from the official website, they provide a 60 day cash back guarantee on orders (shipping costs non refundable) and they do have some rather interesting special offers:

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UK Buyers Can Now Order Proactiv From –

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Do You Recommend Any Alternative Products?

We would recommend the product provided by Clear Skin Max, beingone-clear-skin-max_1 free of Benzoyl peroxide and other irritants, their 3 in one serum offers everything that should ever be needed to treat even the most severe cases of acne with no adverse reactions and a truly lengthy cash back guarantee..

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