Could Extract Of Seaweed Be The Saviour For Spotty Teenagers?

Could Seaweed Help Cure Acne

There are many products out there that have been formulated to stop teenagers going though the misery of acne, we are not aware of any involving seaweed before.

the Daily Mail Tells us that currently being developed is a new product that contains an extract from a kind of brown seaweed may be the answer to thousands of acne sufferers prayers.

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Being taken from the seabed just off the coast of Brittany it is processed into a newseaweed treatment that is shortly to be released.

The manufacturers tell us that the seaweed extract cream has, in clinical trials had a significant impact on acne.

Clinical Trials

The trial using 60 boys aged 12 to 24 suffering with mild acne, the products containing seaweed extract were tested up against a dummy face wash and was found to be significantly more effective.

It reduced the number of spots and problems areas as well as curbing inflammation and redness, with improvement showing within 14 days.

Professor Enzo Berardesca, from the Instituto Dermatolgico San Gallicano, in Italy, was in charge of the trial, he said the results were “extremely good”.

He also added: “Patients with mild to moderate acne, such as blackheads, whiteheads, and skin redness, found their symptoms markedly reduced.”

Most importantly, he said, there were “no adverse side effects.”

“You could well expect some irritation because you’re taking away a superficial layer of skin but there was none.”

“The good thing is that it comes from a natural source and is not a chemical which will be bound to sway a lot of people.”

Acne usually affects more males than females as they get a surge in testosterone during puberty, however, spots can affect those of both sexes and all ages. It is thought that around 15 per cent of the population  –  about nine million people suffer from severe acne.

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