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Adult Acne Treatment By Pai

What is Acne?

Our skin produces a natural oil know as sebum – it is usually responsible for moisturising our skin. Acne breakouts tend to occur when excessive sebum production blocks our skins pores and traps dead skin cells and bacteria.

There are numerous contributing factors to acne, these can include stress, genetic predisposition, medical conditions and also hormone imbalance.

When looking for suitable treatments for acne, it is important to try and avoid certain ingredients such as

Beeswax – solidifies at room temperature and can block pores

Mineral or paraffin oils – forms a film over  the skin and again will block pores

Alcohol– Dries and irritates skin, encouraging excess Sebum

Foaming Agents – strip natural oils, again encouraging too much Sebum to be produced

Parabens – Believed to be harmful to the skin.

Cosmetic Company – Pai have developed a range of cleansers that use totally natural ingredients to work for and cleanse acne prone skin, they believe in the use of natural plant based extracts as opposed to harsh alcohol based treatments, as these can only dry and irritate acne infected skin. Ingredients such as Geranium and Thistle Oil all work to gently cleanse and nourish the skin, reducing the pore sizes and calming inflamed skin.

Two products to consider are:

Geranium And Thistle Combination Skin Cream

pai geranium and thistleGeranium and thistle work together in perfect harmony in this 100% organic moisturiser to clear and re-balance congested or combination skin.

It is absorbed quickly into the skin, and is perfect for use under make-up.

This moisturising cream uses essential fatty acids and a host of natural-active skin soothers, to rebalance the skin and skin tone

Pai’s Geranium and Thistle moisturiser for combination and oily skin is non-comedogenic – it is free from chemicals and pore blocking ingredients, such as beeswax and paraffin oils.

Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

This effective and totally hydrating cleanser removes dirt, make-up and other impurities pai camellia roseeasily, reducing the build up that occurs throughout the day.

It is perfectly suitable for all skin types, including allergy and acne prone skin,.

The Pai cleansing system is natural, gentle and effective. Unlike other detergent or alcohol based cleansers, it won’t dry out and irritate your skin.

This cleanser is full of omega 3 and vitamins A, B, C & E, working to hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Use with an exfoliation cloth, this will enable it to lift away dead skin cells leaving a smooth and fresh complexion.

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